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Investing in someone to represent your legislative needs is an important decision.
Kreidler Consulting Group is relentless when it comes to providing value and outcomes for the clients we represent.

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About Gavin Kreidler

Gavin Kreidler Lobbyist Consulting Kansas

Gavin’s engaging personality, dogged determination, and sincere interest in people have enabled him to develop meaningful relationships with legislators, support staff, other lobbyists, and government officials. These are the traits you want in a political affairs consultant.

Born and raised in Colwich, a rural Kansas community, he always knew he wanted to work for the betterment of his state and country. His political engagement began at age fourteen when he volunteered for two city council campaigns in nearby Wichita. Many campaigns later and after receiving a degree from Pittsburg State University, interning with Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins, and working for the Hein Law Firm, Gavin established his own political affairs business.

His clients respect him for his tireless dedication to their issues and value his reputation as an honest, likable, committed, and savvy political consultant.

These are the traits you want in a political affairs consultant and are what make Kreidler Consulting the best choice for your legislative interests.

At Your Service

Business owners of any size cannot take for granted that elected officials, whether at the city, state, or federal level, understand the issues that impact your ability to run a successful business. With so many important issues being by legislators, the need for political representation has never been greater.

Kreidler Consulting provides your connection to legislative leaders in a variety of ways, ensuring your organization isn’t left without a voice on critical issues.


Kreidler Consulting Federal Lobbyist

KCG has connections with Federal officials and is able to assist your organization at the Federal level.


Krediler Consulting Kansas Lobbyist

KCG's speciality is at the Kansas Captiol. He's one of the most respected lobbyists in the Kansas Statehouse.


Kreidler Consulting Kansas Local Lobbyist

KCG has success representing local governments, and monitoring local government activity.

Always Connected

Kreidler Consulting Always Connected Lobbyist Kansas

With Kreidler Consulting reprsenting your organization, you will always be knowledgeable and well represented on issues affecting you.

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